Csíkszereda Musings

My life in and around Csíkszereda, also known as Miercurea Ciuc.

Child Labour

Posted by Andy Hockley on 3 July, 2008

3 Responses to “Child Labour”

  1. Gadjo Dilo said

    Is that your daughter, Andy? Picking something? Child labour is good – it teaches them the meaning of a fair day’s work for a fair days free bed and board, schooling, affection, bedtime-stories, etc etc!

  2. Andy H said

    Yes, that’s Paula, picking cherries. The ladder she is on is fairly high up (I am standing to take the picture which might give you an idea). She just shot up it after my father-in-law had come down and started picking.

  3. Gadjo Dilo said

    Ah, she was trying to impress/scare you all. Last month we went to a cherry harvest festival in the village of Coruia, Maramures county. A wonderfully pretty area, and hospitable; plus folk dancing, drinking, pig roasting etc.

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