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Blame Denmark

Posted by Andy Hockley on 4 December, 2007

Toys and games tend to have these labels on them saying things like “Not suitable for children under 3”, and the like. Until yesterday, I assumed that the main reason for this advice/warning was to do with small pieces that could easily be swallowed. Paula, though, grew out of the sticking everything in her mouth phase some months ago, so I imagined that that, at least, probably wouldn’t be much of a problem, as long as we kept an eye on her. Sharp things we obviously keep out of the way, but she likes playing with some of Bogi’s toys, which, of course, are not technically for the under threes.

One of her favourite things to play with is Lego. Yesterday afternoon, for example, while she was with me, she expressed a desire to play Lego. “Andy,” she said (like Bart calls Homer Homer, Paula calls me Andy most of the time), “Andy, Legozunk” (There is no noun that cannot be verbised in Hungarian. Hence ‘Legozunk’ which means, roughly, “Let’s Lego”). Anyway, I got the Lego down, and we sat down together to legozni. This isn’t Duplo or one of those other pre-lego lego things, but real normal lego. While she started to busy herself sticking blocks together, I was making a small plane for her.

Suddenly, in the middle of my deep concentration at the effort of putting together some small plastic blocks, she piped up, “Andy. Lego!” and pointed to her nose. As I know her nose is not made of lego, and knowing also that she is fully aware of that fact, I panicked thinking perhaps she’d stuck some lego up her nose. I put her head back and looked, but couldn’t see anything. But something was obviously bothering her. I had her blow her nose, in the hope that if there was something up there, she’d easily get it out. Nothing. But she kept telling me that it tickled. So off we went to the nose hospital. They do cater for more than just noses, dealing with ears and throats too, but it was the nose bit that was of interest to us. We met Erika and Bogi outside the front entrance, and went inside.

I’ll gloss over the next bit, but at the end of a session of screaming and crying, the nurse had removed not one, not two, but three small bits of lego. So that’s why they say some toys are not suitable for children under three. Who knew that they’d want to experiment with pushing small objects right up inside their nose? Well, when I say “who” knew, obviously many people knew. In fact I suspect I was the only one who didn’t. I’ve already heard from numerous people since this incident “Oh, yes, when I was young I stuck a bean up there”; “My brother got a tic-tac up his nose”; “…peanut…”; “…beads…”; “…pumpkin seed…”; “…copy of ‘War and Peace’…”; “…The Hanging Gardens of Babylon…”; etc. etc.

Anyway the lego has now been put out of sight in a box on the highest shelf in the house. It may return to the regular shelves in about two years.

One Response to “Blame Denmark”

  1. Ada said

    Timi, a piece of rubber up her nostril and a night in hospital for keeping under observation 2 years ago . Oh, the fun that we had that time. Not.

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