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Taliban Paintball

Posted by Andy Hockley on 9 June, 2007

There’s a poster around town at the moment advertising something called “Taliban Paintball”. What the hell is Taliban Paintball? Do you have to play with one hand tied behind your back and an eyepatch on to pretend like you’re Mullah Omar? Or maybe fan out round the town paintballing women who show the barest hint of skin? (This being summer, that one would be a tad simple). When you capture someone you get to stick them in an orange jumpsuit and lock them up without trial for years on end? Really though, what is that? Is Taliban the new slang for edgy and dangerous? Or is it like cowboys and indians once was?

Meanwhile in Bucharest today the natural heirs to the Taliban were chucking rocks and stuff at gay people. Fundamentalist tossers. They actually make me want to believe in hell.

One Response to “Taliban Paintball”

  1. Anonymous said

    I thought it to be quite funny actually…the Taliban Paint ball

    We should organize an outing Taliban vs the Brits

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