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Random links, tags, and swearing

Posted by Andy Hockley on 14 May, 2007

While I think about all the things I should write about (the Basescu suspension, more on Autonomy, the Rosia Montana gold mine, blah blah etc etc and so on and so forth), I instead will fill in the morning with a couple of unrelated and trivial observations and links

Firstly, from this weekend’s Guardian, a piece about tourism in the Saxon area of Transylvania, and more specifically the village of Viscri. It’s actually the second article in two years about Viscri (here’s the first) so someone in that small village must have some kind of hotline to the paper. It’s all a bit suspicious if you ask me.

Ages ago I was tagged to write something about a favourite computer game. Since I rarely have time for computer games – the other day I managed to spend the day watching a DVD in small bite sized pieces while Paula slep fitfully in my arms, the first DVD/video/film I’ve watched for ages, such is the lack of actual time to do these things – I can’t really comment on anything very modern, but I do remember playing Football Manager on the ZX Spectrum for hours and hours back in the day, and playing it on that link brought back one or two vague flashbacks of those far off days. You try telling kids today that computer games used to be issued on cassette and they won’t believe you. Before that I remember that magazines used to print the BASIC code for you to type in your own games. None of this DVD stuck to the front cover nonsense. (Thanks to 200 percent for the link)

Romania got creamed in this weekend’s Eurovision song contest, which I didn’t watch, and I haven’t heard the entry (of anyone I think) so god only knows if it was deserved or not.

And finally, for today, a great language resource – The Alternative Hungarian Dictionary, from which you, the non-Hungarian speaker, can learn useful expressions which will either endear you to Hungarians, or earn you a smack in the face. I am familiar with quite a few of them, including all of the ones which involve equine genitalia (a very popular swearing device in Hungarian, for some reason), and some which are not included at all, but quite a few were entirely new to me. My favourite, I think, being Paksi mogyoró, which literally means “hazelnut from the town of Paks”, but idiomatically would best be translated in English as “clingon”. The site suffers somewhat from not rendering accents well (the Romanian dictionary from the same site is almost unreadable, so poorly does it deal with diacritical marks).

2 Responses to “Random links, tags, and swearing”

  1. Catherine said

    It wasn’t very good. They had six guys dressed up as comedy Frenchmen/Italians/etc singing verses in the corresponding languages.

    (I could probably work up an argument about it being a fascinating example of counter-orientalisation, but it would only encourage them…)

  2. Irina said

    The village is the one where prince Charles has bought a house, hence the interest for it;)

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