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Unwelcome Germans

Posted by Andy Hockley on 19 January, 2007

Hurricane Kyrill has swept across us this morning after leaving Bavaria. Driving rain and high winds and a stunning rainbow have so far been the effects. Bits of trees falling off and that kind of thing. Still, nothing compared to what Ireland, Britain, France, Holland and Germany got, if the pictures on the news this morning are anything to go by. [What kind of name is Kyrill anyway? Is it Russian? I’ve never heard it before] Apparently we’re on “yellow alert”, whatever the hell that means. No-one seems to have a clue. But it sounds impressively “we’re on top of the situation, people, no need to worry.”

Our second unwelcome teutonic visitor is German measles (rubella), which Paula was diagnosed with yesterday. Still, it’s the easiest of all the childhood ailments, so now her fever has gone it’s just a question of keeping her at home and seeing what pictures you can make by joining up the spots on her chest. [I ought to point out that the name german measles has absolutely nothing to do with Germany, and is apparently derived from the Latin word “germanus” meaning “similar” since rubella is similar to measles. So now you know.]

In other Romanian news, the government is falling apart, having held themselves together long enough to get into the EU. It seems like everyone in the governing coalition hates everyone else, and we’ll have some form of election sooner rather than later. Also some bones were found in the rest of the country, which according to all the media sources I’ve read, including things like the BBC, say “prove” that European humans continued to evolve after migrating from Africa. Which, as far as I am aware, is like saying that a fossil of a fallen apple “proves” that gravity existed 10,000 years ago. Who writes all this stuff?


2 Responses to “Unwelcome Germans”

  1. Anonymous said

    Kyril is from Greek Κύριλλος Kyrillos, lordly, masterful. (says Wikipedia)

    A Bulgarian/Macedonian/Greek guy with that name created the Cyrillic alphabet and that’s why it’s quite popular in the Slavic countries.

    The high winds might be an effect to the sentence to prison of Mr. Wind (Vântu) yesterday. (Sorin Ovidiu Vântu is probably the biggest fraudster is the history of recent Romania)


  2. Andy H said

    Ahhh… St. Cyril. I actually looked him up once and found out his name was actually Constantine (I wrote about it here).

    I like the idea of the winds being some kind of divine applause for the conviction of Mr Wind.

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