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My life in and around Csíkszereda, also known as Miercurea Ciuc.


Posted by Andy Hockley on 4 December, 2006

Over two months after his death, reported by me back at the beginning of October, a British newspaper (The Independent) has finally got around to printing an obituary of Sütő András. Better late than never, though, and it is well worth reading.

3 Responses to “Finally”

  1. gorgeoux said

    You’ve been tagged one book, Andy. Read the full story on my blog and enjoy.

  2. booda baby said

    Thanks for that.

    A little clarification, please… is yours a Hungarian family? (Obviously, yes, but even the obvious is often wrong.) 🙂

  3. Andy H said

    The short answer to that is “yes”. There’s a longer answer though which will form the basis of a post sometime in the next couple of weeks.

    Sorry, that’s not very helpful (and not one of the four of us have a Hungarian passport, so make of that what you will)

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