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Music videos and Csik from above

Posted by Andy Hockley on 20 October, 2006

An aerial view of Csikszereda (taken in winter obviously)

I wanted to share a couple of videos from YouTube with you, so I went along and attempted to blog them (this is a new verb meaning to stick them up here) but apparently I can’t becase I recently moved this blog over to “beta.blogger” which means that it’s more fully integrated into Google (or some such bullshit). This is, of course, in the week in which Google actually bought YouTube. It baffles me, frankly. (Plus my gmail account seems to be not functioning well at the moment). All in all I am significantly less well-disposed towards google than I was about a week ago.

Anyway, I can’t embed the videos here, but I can give you some links:

Here is Iubire by 3 Sud Est, which you may recall me dissing last week. Now you can see for yourself the boys and their hard-as-nails image contrasted with their not-quite-so-hard falsettos.

Here is Erika’s current favourite. Ghiţa by Cleopatra Stratan. Now I’m usually of the opinion that any record made by a child (or children in the plural) ought to be avoided like the plague. But somehow this one is kind of infectious and nowhere near as obnoxious as it should be.

And finally, Mahala Rai Banda, a gypsy band who are really excellent. This song is impossible to not start tapping your feet to. Mind you, they’ll never make it on to MTV Romania, where I have seen the other two. It’s a shame.

3 Responses to “Music videos and Csik from above”

  1. dumneazu said

    Mahalla Rai Banda are a bunch of fun guys – the families are mostly from the same village (Zece Prajini) as Fanfara Ciocarlia. Met them at a Finnish Folk Festival we both played at last year – spent the off stage time fishing with them… they had “liberated” some bamboo poles from some fence or construction site between Helsinki and Kaustinen, and as their bus pulled into the residence area they saw me coming back from the nearby river with my fly fishing gear and trout. They were a bit surprised when I spoke to them in Romanian…. it turned out we knew a lot of folks in common. Had a great time, and yes, they caught fish… a lot of fish… on flies, no less…

  2. martin said

    there’s some more Mahala Raï Banda here – so cool…I would never have found such fun music without your comment on my blog…so the blogosphere has some use after all…sorry to link to myspace but there it is…

  3. montchan said

    Hi there! I just found your blog while googling for Mahala Rai Banda. I randomly bought tix for their show here in the Arctic North for later on in November. My friend from Bosnia calls their music “gypsy-turbo-folk” and with a label like that, I just couldn’t resist!

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