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A toast

Posted by Andy Hockley on 27 July, 2006

I was thinking about what I could post to mark this blog’s birthday (Csiki musings is two), and could think of nothing. So I thought to opt for an unusual sort of post about nothing in particular, but in an abnormal fashion. Your task, should you want to do so, is to work out what, in particular, is odd or unusual about this blog posting.

Two tours around our sun. A lot of words in that long pair of rotations. A lot of trash. A small amount of important or worthy posts, I trust. Mostly dross.

Anyway, what additional information can I impart, now that I am trying out this difficult task of inking an abnormal post in this way? Could I talk about Transylvania, again? About Romania or Hungary, or Romanians and Hungarians? Our holiday in Bulgaria? I think today I may shy away from such old topics and focus on an additional option.

And that topic, randomly, is flying. I am thinking of this topic today, as tomorrow I must fly, to Spain, to Catalunya in fact, and it will occupy most of my day. First driving to Coanda Airport (four hours), waiting for two hours, boarding, flying to Milan, waiting for two additional hours, boarding again, and finally flying to BCN (as it’s known in airport lingo). All in all a full day lost. But things start to look up – as 2007 looms (and all that that will bring about) so, too, do low cost flights. Wizz Air, to start with, in launching a flight from Hungary’s capital city to my in-laws’ town will significantly cut my to-airport-driving. In fact, in August our total family will fly to London Luton (round trip) from that handy Transylvanian town for an almost impossibly low sum. And things only look apt to pick up from this point.

OK, I’ll stop now, finish this painfully poor post, lift a glass to two anni of Csiki Musings, and toast to two additional such anni. Hasta manana.


2 Responses to “A toast”

  1. Anonymous said

    Yes Wizz air, it will be a nice addition to Romania. Happy Birthday!!! to your site, I’ve been reading it for about a month now, lots of good stories. I’d like to comment on the Hungarian- Romanian issues. There was and is this sort of ethnic tension. I happen to be both Hungarian and Romanian, meaning my parents have diff ethinc backgrounds, and its quite embarassing at points hearing the two sides talk negativly about each other in my pressence. On the other hand it opens you up to a whole other culture and group of people that can only inrich your life. I observed the same thing once in a tv documentary about Palestenian and Israeli childrens views about the other side. It showed how most of the childrens hate for each other trickled down from the adults..their parents, teachers etc., and these two groups growing up in the same place but yet two different worlds. The same thing exists here in Csikszereda too. If your Hungarian, then majority % of your friends are too. If your Romanian maj.% of your friends are Romanian. Then you have your intermixings at work, activities, where you put up with each other. Then you get the hostilities on learning the others language. My view on it is, that the people who interact between both cultures are more successfull, and it certainly must take a lot of tension off just by not carrying that hate inside. There are better things in life to focus on, so I let society figure out its ethnic and nationalistic views, while I focus on just being human.

  2. Laura said

    La multi ani! as we say around here.

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