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Posted by Andy Hockley on 9 May, 2006

Sometime this week we will be moving (By sometime, I mean Satrurday. Or Sunday, if things fall behind schedule). We have been lucky in that we have had two weeks in which to renovate and redecorate the apartment that we have bought and into which we will move, while still living at the one we have already sold. Two walls have been knocked down to create a bigger living room, a bunch of tiles in the bathroom have been removed as they were cracked, and new ones purchased, we’ve decided on paint, and various items of furniture which a carpenter will go ahead and make, and the whole apartment will be re-floored with laminate. In the meantime, Erika is running around dealing with a million and one things that only a fluent Hungarian/Romanian speaker can deal with, and I am left at home babysitting and occasionally deigning to do a spot of packing.

What it does mean, though, is that I’m unlikely to be blogging much until next week at the earliest. But the new place is going to be excellent. Really. And that invite to all the people I know who have yet to come and visit me (which is basically all of you, though my parents are blazing a trail by showing up at the beginning of June), now takes on more relevance as you would actually have somewhere comfortable to sleep.


4 Responses to “Moving”

  1. Andrea said

    Found you via Romerican – we seem to share the fact that both of us have spouses from Csikszereda. Does your wife carry a pocket knife on her at all times? (My Robi says that’s how you recognize a true szekely 🙂 )

  2. Andy H said

    Ah, Erika is not a true szekely. She’s from Marosvasarhely. I’ve heard the knife story before, but I do know quite a few, and either they conceal the fact that they are packing a knife very well, or they keep it at home for special occasions.

  3. J.K.Kelley said

    my csiki spouse does not carry his pocket knife, but only because our szekely neighbor always has his (in the wilds of the Midwest)….

  4. Romerican said

    Sounds like a sweet deal to be able to straddle two places, renovate and move. I might be doing things the wrong way here, but so far my experiences have had nothing to do with escrow and schedules. It’s all pay today and move right in. And hurry up about it.

    Good luck with the transition.

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