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March 15th (Part 2)

Posted by Andy Hockley on 15 March, 2006

Just came home from a little tour of the festivities, which basically involved a lot of speeches outside the city hall. Couldn’t understand the full text of the speeches, but the themes were all about reaching out between communities in the spirit of brotherhood (In one ten minute spell, I must have heard the word “testveriseg” (brotherhood / fraternity) about 7 times. I think most of the real nagy sajtak were just over the mountain in Udvarhely though so ours was a fairly subdued affair. They even had László Tőkés at their do. (The Bishop from Timisoara who sparked the 1989 revolution which brought down Ceausescu. Because he is a bishop for the Hungarian Reformed Church, whenever they refer to him in print in English he is referred to as a “Reformed Bishop”, which amuses me greatly)

The City Hall – notice both Romanian and Hungarian flags

Petofi Sandor – poet, revolutionary, and now, statue

Nicolae Balcescu – also adorned in flags and wreaths

2 Responses to “March 15th (Part 2)”

  1. Romerican said

    Reformed Bishop is a hoot!

    Thanks for sharing pictures. My first reaction was that it was nice to see the Romanian and Hungarian flags together. But, after a moment, I realized the leadership should have relaxed themselves and allows just a Hungarian flag alone (except on, perhaps, official government buildings, of course). It is, of course, their day and should be left alone without anyone having to feel threatened by it.

    On St. Patrick’s Day, Americans typically wave only Irish flags, except for government buildings and such. On Cinco De Mayo, it’s Mexican flags or nothing. No one gets upset about it, either. Rather we generally think it’s normal and healthy to allow various ethnic groups to display some symbol of pride (even if it is nothing more than a flag).

    Hope y’all are having fun. Wish I had some megy palinca… but I’m fresh out. Nem jol. =[

  2. Anonymous said

    romerican: I might agree with you about the single flag thing but not in this case.
    In the first picture was an official building so was required both flags I supposed. But in the other two both Petofi Sandor & Nicolae Balcescu mean something special to both people. At least to those ones who read their work.

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