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Posted by Andy Hockley on 25 January, 2006

-32. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. -32. Minus bastarding thirty two. Who turned off the Thermahaline?

The window in Bogi’s room:


4 Responses to “-32”

  1. Vándorló said

    That doesn’t sound great! Just make sure you stay clear of Orthodox processions:

    “On Jan. 18, a man taking part in an Orthodox cross procession in Narva died after pouring cold water over himself. Some 50 believers headed to the Narva River where a ritual sprinkling of water took place. Two men, however, undressed and began to pour ice-cold river water from buckets over themselves in the freezing cold, police said. The older one of them collapsed after the procedure and died. “

    Link via Bonjour L’Estonie

  2. AlieMalie said

    that’s really freaking cold.

    just to make you jealous, i’m wearing sandals and a skirt to class today.

    oh how i wish it would snow though.



  3. nojer said

    Bloody hell. That’s cold.

    I can’t say anyting else I’m afraid, I’m just speechless

  4. Stephie said

    Hi Andy!

    I just visited your blog! It s cool!!

    Yeah and the weather is cool, too, … actually very COLD!

    BUt what’s the worst for me is that the hairs inside my nose start to get icy if I dont put my scarf around my face!



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