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Degrees of relativity

Posted by Andy Hockley on 18 January, 2006

It’s remarkable how the body starts getting used to things. Today is slightly warmer – at present it is actually in single digits of negative numbers (though only just)- and walking around outside actually feels quite pleasantly warm. Well, not warm as such, but not as painfully cold as it has been since Thursday. The last two days I’d been out and got a screaming headache which I think comes from the contents of my sinuses (whatever’s in my sinuses) freezing solid. Whatever the reason, it bloody hurt. [By the way, is sinuses actually the plural of sinus? Or is it Sini?]

So warm is it right now that it’s actually snowing. I have no idea if that old “too cold to snow” thing has any basis in science, but it certainly hasn’t been snowing for a while. (Maybe snow is associated with slightly warmer temperatures because it’s necessarily accompanied by cloud cover, which of course has a slight blanketing effect).

Apologies if this Blog seems to have slipped over into a daily discussion of weather conditions in Csikszereda. Right now the only two things that my partially frozen brain can focus on are the temperature and Paula. And I’m trying to resist making this blog turn into a daily discussion of ever so slight gradations in infant behaviour. Though I suspect by the time the week’s out, I will succumb to temptation and deliver a riveting essay on all that is new and fascinating in the world of fatherhood. You’ve been warned.


2 Responses to “Degrees of relativity”

  1. arina said


    it must be sinuses since sini is not recognized by any dictionary search engine. As far as “it’s too cold to snow” goes, have a look at http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/222/
    BTW, congratulations on the gorgeous little girl. Beautiful!

    PS. All parents rant and rave about their babies, so join the club and give us news.

  2. AlieMalie said

    Babies, babies, babies!

    Even though I don’t know you, I wouldn’t mind hearing of your adventures in fatherhood. It’s a different experience for everyone and quite fun when you’re not completely knackered. Share your stories.


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