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Posted by Andy Hockley on 30 December, 2005

As mentioned elsewhere, the Christmas Eve visitor for us was Az Angyal – the Angel.

The Angel comes in on Christmas Eve, puts up the tree, decorates it, and puts all the presents under it, in the late afternoon/early evening while the children just happen to be out for an hour or so.

Well, as a result of other events documented elswehere, this Christmas Eve our household was rather shrunk (ironically just as it had in practice become larger), and so I sent Bogi out with the neni who looks after her when we’re working/out, and took on the angelic role myself. It was a bitch of a job, I have to say, and I find myself having new found respect for all winged dead people who live on clouds.

Well, obviously it’s not a bitch of the job in the sense that I got to spread Christmas joy and cheer and brighten up my 6 year old stepdaughter’s life no end, but in the sense of the sheer physical labour involved. You see, trees don’t sit in pots here, they get put into a rather elaborate wrought iron supporting holder thingy. But the tree trunk was thicker than the hole provided for the purpose, so I spent over an hour sawing it to the requisite thickness, using only a hacksaw blade. (If I had thought about this in advance I would have been out to buy a real saw that may have made it easier – or even I suppose a hacksaw itself into which I could have inserted the blade – but obviously when you only realise that you will have to do this after all the shops have closed, you have to make do with what you can)

It was all worth it though, even though the angel did forget one entire bag of gifts which were hidden in the shoe cupboard and which thus arrived a few days later.

Buek 2006

I saw this word written in lights on a factory the other day, and wondered what it meant. It was obviously festive and seasonal and related to the new year, but it was a word I had never before seen, and I thought I knew all the Christmas/New Year wishes expressions. Turns out that in fact it’s actually an acronym meaning Boldog Új Evet Kivánunk (We wish you a happy new year). Now, being the contrary sod that I am, I actually felt somewhat hard done by by this seemingly half-arsed wish. I guess it was cheaper in terms of lights. I have yet to hear anyone actually wish me a BUEK, but I wonder if anyone ever does use the acronym to express their best wishes. It’s laziness taken to the nth degree, IMO.


Well, tomorrow is Szilveszter, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish both my readers a happy new year and a generally cool and groovy 2006. This year a new law has been enecated regarding the sale and discharge of fireworks prior to the big day, and so far it seems to be working – unlike last year (documented here), when by this date the town was rent by a constant stream of explosions, this year I’ve barely heard one. I presume tomorrow they will return with avengeance and make up for lost time.

2 Responses to “Buek”

  1. Laura said

    BUEK for you too, my dear Andy! I wish you a beautiful 2006. And let me congratulate for Paula Reka! I’m s happy for you! Be always happy and your dreams may come true. Kisses.

  2. Michael Furey said

    I’ve got to admit that I do use this. It’s very handy when you are just passing someone in the street or just buying something and don’t want to hold up the line spitting out the full version.

    I kind of like the juxtaposition of the Ú and É too, anything to upset the ‘hangrend’ (vowel harmony) rules – small things for small minds hey?

    Anyway, all the best for the unfolding year. I just know this is going to be a great one. Hope yours is too.

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