Csíkszereda Musings

My life in and around Csíkszereda, also known as Miercurea Ciuc.

Just in case

Posted by Andy Hockley on 21 December, 2005

Just in case anyone’s logging in here specially to find out the news of our forthcoming daughter, she’s not here yet. We went to the doctor yesterday who showed us that she’s quite ensconced in there (although she was looking a bit grumpy – possibly from being stared at via ultrasound technology). If she doesn’t come out before then, we have to check into the hospital next Wednesday (when I say “we” here, I mean, of course, Erika) and they’ll coerce her into coming out next Saturday. So, she will almost certainly be born in 2005. Aside from that, all bets are off. She’s certainly not demonstrating her father’s punctuality, though she does already weigh 3.9 kgs and has a big belly, so she has inherited something from me.

Been driving for 7 hours through a blizzard today, so my eyes are bugging out of my head and I shan’t be writing further. Hasta mañana, insh’allah.

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