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The Whisky Robber

Posted by Andy Hockley on 26 October, 2005

So, I was wandering round the Internet, reading stuff here and there, when I came across news of a book launch in the UK this week. The book that is being launched had been published in the USA last year to great critical acclaim, and is apparently a true story about an ice-hockey goalie who was also a bank robber in Budapest. Suitably intrigued I looked further into the story and discovered that this bloke is from here. Right here in Csikszereda. He’s quite possibly our most famous son, and this is the first I’ve heard of him.

So, anyway, more information. The book is called “The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber” and is by a bloke called Julian Rubinstein. The whiskey robber is actually called Attila Ambrus (or more accurately Ambrus Attila, I presume). He ends up playing ice hockey (as a goalie) for a team in Budapest, and supplements his meagre income by holding up banks. Before each hold up, he goes into a nearby bar and drinks a shot of whisky to steel himself. It sounds like the real meat of the story is partly the context in which it takes place: a Hungary in a transition from communism to capitalism. And partly the comical clouseau-esque investigation that takes place to capture him, and subsequently to recapture him as he manages to escape from prison. I have ordered it and can’t wait to read it. A real life celebrity, from right here. (To cap it all Warner Brothers have bought the film rights and Johnny Depp is lined up to play the lead)

Some links in case you’re interested:
The author’s homepage
Very extensive and interesting article on Hungarian website Pestiside

4 Responses to “The Whisky Robber”

  1. Anonymous said

    talking of books, 6 months have gone and you miserable scumbag still owe me 215 quid!
    give me money back you stinking thief!

  2. Andy H said

    Fascinating. Mircea you have surpassed yourself this time. From random abuse to fantastical notions of some kind of relationship between us (one in which I have apparently stole from you)

    Is your delusion of this phantom theft behind your abuse, or is it, as I suspect, evidence of the progression of your insanity?

  3. nojer said

    I’m with Mircea on this one. You still owe me £414 from that time I funded your trip to Narnia.

  4. k.toth1 said

    Here’s a few more:

    Bolyai Janos/Farkas (father and son)

    Albert Wass de Czege

    Andre Codrescu

    Sandor Boloni Farkas

    Bela Kun

    Hunyadi Matyas

    Tamasi Aron

    Arany Janos

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