Csíkszereda Musings

My life in and around Csíkszereda, also known as Miercurea Ciuc.

Road repairs

Posted by Andy Hockley on 9 June, 2005

I may have mentioned once or twice about the state of Csikszereda’s roads. Well, now, finally they are being repaired. The way they are being repaired is…well, I’ll go with interesting for now. Firstly workmen come along and choose the most damaged areas of the roads and create these large rectangular holes. They’re no longer pot-holes, because they are so extensive that you can drive down into them and along for a while before driving out again the other end. But rather than create one such hole and then fill it in with tarmac, they go round the whole town and dig the holes first. Right now, then, Csikszereda is full of these huge rectangular sections taken out of the roads. Presumably (though I fear it’s a dangerous presumption) they will come along before too long and fill them in. I don’t know if this approach is some kind of efficient method – maybe they have only one digging crew and one filling crew for the whole county and they send the digging crew on to each place a week before the filling crew. Now the diggers have moved on from here and we are waiting for the fillers. I suspect I am wrong. It sounds way too plausible.

The story of the journalists freed in Iraq gets weirder and weirder every day. I don’t even understand half of it, but I suspect it will end up being one of those stories that defines the Basescu administration. Here is a post from Halfway Down the Danube that explains it better than I can right now. It’s moved on a bit since that post was made too – Basescu held a press conference at which he thanked the help of Syria (well, not directly, but more or less) and said various other things, which are now rapidly being pulled apart by the media (there’s something about phones which I don’t quite understand). It’s all very weird.


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