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I know what they’re thinking

Posted by Andy Hockley on 19 April, 2005

Been away for a while and am now back witgh yet another slice of anti-rightwing vitriol. Those looking forward to light observations on life in Romania ought possibly to come back later in the week.

Being in the UK for a couple of weeks has meant that I have been exposed to the beginning of the election campaign. As one of the vast number of “natural” labour supporters who has been completely alienated by Tony Blair and his ongoing rim job on the Bush sphincter, I am vaguely interested to see how this effects his (and his party’s) chances. The trouble is that in the UK there are very few (if any) credible alternatives. The only party that seems to be completely reasonable are the Greens, but they’ll be lucky to win a single seat. From the extreme right inwards the main parties in this election are thye BNP (British National Party – bunch of psycho Nazis), UKIP (UK Independence Party – anti European tossers), Conservatives (tory scum), Labour (or rather “New Labour”) and the Lib Dems. (Not much choice on the left then).

As the second most supported party, the Tories have the best chance of ousting Blair, but instead of trying to do so by convincing people they are no longer the scum party of the Thatcher years, they have lurched even further to the right and have launched into a disgraceful and repugnant campaign based on racism. The main problems afflicting Britain today are apparently immigration and gypsies. Their main platform is one of telling refugees to fuck off, a policy made even more shocking by the fact that their leader Michael Howard is the son of a Romanian Jew who fled the Nazis and ended up in the UK. A refugee, in other words. These days of course refugees have been rebranded as “asylum seekers” which makes them much less cuddly and worthy of pity and help. It’s no longer about what they are fleeing and instead about them coming here (and, you know, doing such terrible things as helping to fund our pensions and contributing to the nation). Plus it has the word “asylum” in it which always conjures up an image of mad psychopaths running amok. It’s sick. Anyway, all of them do it from Tony Blair to the odious BNP, but the Tories have taken it one stage further. They have put posters up (mostly in immigrant heavy districts of inner cities), saying things like “Stop Immigration” and “Whites Only” (I paraphrase, but this is essentially the message that they pass on. Especially as they are completed with the Tories’ catchphrase of the election “Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?” – to which the answer from any right thinking person will be “No, but I know what you’re thinking you racist scumbags”).

Frankly I think they’ve made a massive mistake and that all the disaffected labour voters who would have stayed at home or registered a protest vote for the lib dems or someone, will instead be so disgusted by the vile rhetoric coming from the tories and actually vote for Labour anyway. God knows what the UK will look like if they get in. One thing’s for sure, anyone fleeing holocaust and genocide as Howard’s father did, would not be allowed in under his son’s government. Frankly, the disgraceful nature of their campaign would reach its logical conclusion with our very own Cristalnacht. It’s difficult to imagine that a party once led by Margaret Thatcher could actually get any worse, but it seems to be the case.

I blame the Daily Mail to be honest. Anyone associated with that loathsome racist rag ought to be hunted down and killed by a pack of dogs (thus giving those poor unemployed hounds something to do).

2 Responses to “I know what they’re thinking”

  1. Deek Deekster said

    nice one, i linked from Five

  2. Anonymous said

    The word racism gets banded about all to easy these days. It is mostly directed at britain. There is nothing wrong with looking after your own, its just a mothering instinct. I have worked with lots of europeans and they all seem racist and only want hang with each other. Personally I don’t think
    britain should let swathes of unskilled euro trash on our shores. We have enough of our own. Romanians seem the worst, the poles always say they are scumbags. While I have never met enough to make such a claim, the ones I have seen do look smelly and pathetic begging for change outside shops. I don’t mind being called a racist its used so much now its kind of lost any meaning as everyone no matter where there from is “racist” if you scratch them deep enough. I m not against immigration, just the open door policy. I also think new member states shoud’t be allowed here until their economy is similar to our own so every man and his dog doesn’t decend here.Its not
    that people hate them in a racist way, I mean where all europeans now. Right? Brittain just looks down on most europeans and thinks their scumbags when they beg for change and stuff. Its not racisim its just snobbery which where all a bit snobby in brittain

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