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Some Bogi things

Posted by Andy Hockley on 21 March, 2005

It’s a constant learning experience dealing with a 5 year old. Yesterday I was cleaning the windows in the house and Bogi insisted on helping me. This helping, however, involved squirting inordinate amounts of Windex (the blue stuff you use to clean windows, I know in the US it’s known by that brand name, but probably something different elsewhere) over the glass and smearing it in a way that I didn’t believe possible. In short, any window that she cleaned needed to be cleaned more than all the others. Eventually I discovered that the way to best deal with this was to give her one pane and let her douse it to her heart’s content, while I got on with cleaning the others. Occasionally, she “finished” and wanted to clean something else, and once, infuriatingly* cleaned a pane I had already actually cleaned. Now it may be that there are women reading this – particularly those who may have had the good fortune to have lived with me – who are thinking “Hah! Sounds like he’s getting a taste of his own medicine”. It’s quite possible however that those women never got past the sentence that started “Yesterday I was cleaning the windows…” as they would have assumed the rest of the paragraph to have been a figment of my imagination or something written with extreme poetic licence. To those women I will point out that later, of course, after I had cleaned all the windows and re-cleaned the ones cleaned by Bogi, Erika came along to make them really clean.

We went for a walk yesterday and as we passed a cemetery she asked which kind of grave she’d have when she died. It’s a tough question to answer, not least because I don’t remember ever even thinking about it for myself. In the end she answered her own question and concluded that it would (of course) be in one which was empty.

No, I don’t know why the sidebar has gone all the way down the bottom of the page. It must be some function of me putting photos in.

(*She has a cunning way of being infuriating and impossibly cute ate the same time. I have no idea how she carries it off)

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